Ahamed Kawsar

Ahamed Kawsar

Team Leader & Web Trainer
5 Years

Personal Information

Since Childhood, I have always had a creative ability and a fascination with how things work. The challenge of solving practical problems inherent in the field of Information Technology appeals directly to these traits. I am particularly interested in Software development and its implementation because it is such a rapidly evolving discipline. The potential to integrate new technologies into real-life applications and the opportunity to develop practical skills in this domain is exciting.

I am an enterprising young professional intending to continue my development as a consultant.
I think in terms of result and objectives, I am enthusiastic and conviction, I have a proactive attitude and find positive ways to stimulate and engage with people.


eLearning LMS Website Development
Project Management
Digital Marketing


  • I have developed 175+ eLearning LMS websites for various institutes and clients around the world.
  • I enjoy managing big projects and take challenges, Project Understanding, and goal fill-up are my priority tasks.
  • Living in a Digital World, Have to know Digital Marketing Skills, I’m providing Digital Marketing Services.

Technical Information

By gaining experience in Project Management and Information Technology, it enhanced my creative abilities and imagination beyond description, thus I wanted to learn how Software Technology and its management are merged together in our daily life. I have also made a sincere effort to achieve a firm foundation in Management and Web Engineering by balancing both intellectual and practical experiences.

After graduating, I decided to gain practical experience, where I discovered and learn various new things. During my work experience, I served as a manager in various organizations which enabled me to work as a part of a team and fix problems in Information Technology. This increased my practical, communication and management skills. By working here, I practically learned the structure and working principles of Information Technology and applied my knowledge in practical work. Also exhibited the practical application of Web Development and the essential nature of their place within the contemporary workplace.

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