Best Freelancing Training Institute In Uttara

Best Freelancing Training Institute In Uttara , Are You looking Best Freelancing & Outsourcing Training Institute? We Are Top In Uttara, Because “WEBCODER-IT & WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE” as all the Mentors here are highly Qualified & educated ,professional having over 5 – 10 years+ experience in several freelancing platforms. The Mentors are highly Expected about the success of their students. & We Provide Best Teaching & Support From Others freelancing institute & The Our Mentors work here day and night for the scholars to offer them the support they have once they face any kind of problems.

The beginning was very difficult! This institute started its journey within the year of 2019 and is Speedly Improving success day by day. the Freelancers are so satisfied learning from here. The owners directly take care our students. they are enjoys spending time with the Freelancers. Even the Freelancers also like him such a lot for his kind heart .Students of various ages come here to find out freelancing and become successful in their career. there’s no got to be a computer guru because the teachers here teach the scholars by holding their hands.

The owner (Monir Ahammad & MD Shagar Sheikh ) takes care of it so seriously if the scholars are becoming enough support or not. He talks to the Freelancers individually and discusses the issues and provides the answer thereto .

This institute offers 100% real education guarantee & not income gurarantee, we are diffrant here from others institute. our target best teaching and guideline untill success our students, and students also need to maintain our rules and guideline, the Freelancers here start earning after doing a 20+ of classes.but mojerity freelancers start earn generally after course, reason we fucus on the learning, that’s why when their course finish then they start work freely, the Freelancers can stay here as long as they need and continue learning

The teachers also stick with the scholars to offer them the right guide once they are in need of it. There are several teachers for various sorts of courses. those that are old get longer from the teachers and are treated well.

Best Freelancing Training Institute In Uttara : Online Facilities

It’s not necessary for the Freelancers to return to the institute for learning as they supply online support. you’ll get regular class three days in week and Three days support Class online and offline. The environment is so friendly that the scholars get attracted too . we have accomodation process out of dhaka students. so it’s really big opporutunity for all offline students.

Students Facilities

The classrooms aren’t very big in size and may accommodate up to twenty students. the scholars also are so friendly with one another .our offline students get types of advantage : our class room is full air-condition and lighting with well decorate, and when student face any problem here they assist one another with their difficulties. Once a student is admitted here they will get the support for lifetime from the teachers.

This institute not only teaches freelancing but also teaches the way the way to interact with people everywhere the planet . No other institute works this difficult because it does. So, there’s little question that “WEBCODER-IT & WEBCODER-IT INSITUTE” is that the best freelancing center in Uttara, Dhaka.

You know, Best Freelancing Training Institute In Uttara is “WEBCODER-IT & WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE” and this is often one among the highest Freelancing Training Institute, and dealing hard to spread the word about the longer term potential and positivity of freelancing / outsourcing .WEBCODER-IT & WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE has been working with great confidence to form freelancing a competitive field within the global market to form freelancing and outsourcing the career of the longer term of Bangladesh.

Due to the gradual increase in unemployment, an outsized number of educated youth are getting unemployed. Traveling here and there trying to find employment , negativity and frustration surround them, during this situation ONE WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE comes as a torch of sunshine to illuminate everyone’s dark life .

we have expert support team members who are support our students when they are facing any problem, it is best opportunity for new students, and hour support sytem 24/7 our.

Best freelancing training center in Uttara.

Freelancing and outsourcing are general terms within the online profession, which are used very frequently. Freelancing is functioning on your own without being a part of any organization or business. Outsourcing usually takes place as a contract between two companies. a corporation acts as a service provider for the client. our students get more facilites after complete the course : freelnacing, job opporunity and online business

A freelancer works independently but features a few obligations as he has got to work consistent with the client’s needs and may make negligible amends within the business plan. An outsourcing staff can manage and formulate strategies consistent with the requirements of the task. Freelancing involves flexible working hours with just the requirement to finish the tasks on time. On the opposite hand, outsourcing contractors need to add their office hours and maintain constant communication with superiors.

If you’re really interested to find out freelancing and need to become successful freelancer then you’re most welcome to at least one WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE. We are very dedicated expert freelancer, working to assist our students. Keep confidence on One Direction IT Institute because we must assist you in order that you want to get freelancing work within 1 Week. So stop wasting some time aimlessly and are available to at least one WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE to find out what you would like to achieve success during this freelancing and outsourcing word.

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Freelancing Courses We are offering

  • Advanced Digital Marketing & Shopify Dropshipping
  • Web Design & Development
  • Spoken English With Clients Communication

Advanced Digital Marketing & Shopify Drop shipping Course Syllabus :

Advanced Facebook Marketing
✅ Instagram Marketing
✅ Pinterest Marketing
✅ Twitter Marketing
✅ LinkedIn Marketing
✅ Social Media Marketing Tools ( Updated )
✅ Facebook Funnel ( Updated with PDF file )

✅ Facebook Conversion API

✅ Advanced Google Marketing
✅ YouTube Marketing

✅ Bing Marketing

✅ Search Engine Marketing Strategy ( Updated with PDF file )
✅ Email Marketing
✅ Lead Generation Web Research

✅ Search Engine optimization
✅ Qoura Marketing ( Updated )Content Writing

✅ WordPress Customization WooCommerce ( Updated )

Shopify Store Design
Shopify Drop shipping Shopify Marketing By Apps ( Updated )

Fiverr & Upwork
Live Buyer Communication Complete Marketplace Solution

  • Class Duration :
  • Course Time : 3/4 Month
  • Total Class : 44
  • Support : Life Time ( Terms Applicable )
  • Fee : 7500
  • Record : video upload in secret group
  • Class : Google Meet

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Digital Marketing Course In Bangladesh

Digital marketing course in Bangladesh :

● What Is Facebook Marketing
● What is the Present Condition of Facebook Marketing
● Why do you have to Learn Facebook Marketing
● What You Will Learn?

digital marketing course in Bangladesh
What is Digital Marketing :
Digital Marketing is the use of Digital Platforms to Promote Products and
Services. Digital marketing is a form of marketing Reach and advertises
people digitally. While Traditional Marketing uses traditional Media such as
Newspapers, Magazines, Traditional Mail, Poster, Digital Marketing uses Digital
Media like Social Media.

What is the Present Condition of Digital Marketing
Old traditional Marketing takes 3- 5 days to reach 2000 People on the Other
Hand Modern Digital Marketing can do it in less than a few hours.
Digital Marketing is at least 50% lower cost than Traditional Marketing. Our
Traditional Marketing uses Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television
broadcasts, Hard mail that is a time-consuming and costly process to do.

Why do you need to know Digital Marketing?
Old traditional Marketing takes 3- 5 days to reach 2000 People on the Other
Hand Modern Digital Marketing can do it in less than a few hours.
Digital Marketing is at least 50% lower cost than Traditional Marketing. Our
Traditional Marketing uses Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television
broadcasts, Hard mail that is a time-consuming and costly process to do.

What You Will Learn?
● social media marketing SMM
● search engine marketing
● Search Engine Optimization
● PPC advertising Google ads campaigns
● email marketing
● YouTube marketing
● affiliate marketing

Search Engine Marketing
Nowadays Search is a part of our daily life. Whenever people need to know
anything Search Engine Optimization
Before you know what search engine optimization is, you need to know what a
search engine is. A search engine is a place where people search for all the
things they need to know. Based on keywords, a search engine gives a result
from which we can find the information we need.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of organizing and presenting
information based on keywords in an effective way in search engines.
What is the Present Condition of Search Engine Optimization?
If people know anything, they first ask the search engine. Search engine
optimization is a method by which people can rank their website or business
on the first page of Google.

Why do you need to learn SEO?
What You will learn?
● On-Page SEO
● Off-Page SEO
● Local SEO
● Technical SEO
● Link Building
● Keyword Research
● Competitor Analysis
● SEO Audit
● How to Optimize a Webpage’s On-Page Perfectly

Social Media Marketing
What is Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that utilizes social
networking websites as a marketing tool. The goal of SMM is to produce
content that users will share with their social networks to help a company
increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. Nowadays Digital
is so much easier for Social Media. Digital marketing course in Bangladesh Almost 57% of people e have
been connected with Social Media

What is the Present Condition of Social Media Marketing
Social media offers people to freely interact with others and allows multiple
ways for marketers to influence and engage with consumers.

Why do You Need to Learn?
Every body need to learn digital marketing course for grow any kinds business and You need to learn Social Media marketing to grow your business, smartly and
effectively and in a short time, to reach more people at less cost.
What you will learn?
● How to manage Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
● How to reach people in free and paid method
● How to set up Ads
● How to target your right audience with Age, Gender, Interests, Demographics.
● How to Implement an Ads Campaign in an effective way

Facebook Marketing
What is the Present Condition of Social Media Marketing?
Facebook is the most widely used Social Media. Billions of People use
Facebook to connect with others. Nowadays
Why do you need to learn Facebook Marketing?

What You will learn?
● How to Reach More People with Free and Paid Marketing Strategy
● How to Create Facebook Page for Business Professionally
● How to Manage Facebook Page
● Facebook Page Boost
● Facebook Business Manager Setup & Manage

Instagram Marketing
What is the Present Condition of Instagram Marketing?
Instagram is one of the major Social Media Platforms. Billions of People use
Instagram to interact with others. Most of the users are at a young age
Why do you need to learn Instagram Marketing?

What You will learn?
● How to create Professional Instagram Business Account
● How to manage Instagram
● How to set up Instagram Ads Campaign
● Instagram Story Ads
● Instagram Organic Keyword Research
● Instagram account boost

Twitter Marketing
What is the Present Condition of Twitter Marketing?
Twitter is one of the major Social Media Platforms. Billions of People use
Instagram to interact with others. Most of the users are at a young age
Why do you need to learn Twitter Marketing?

What You will learn?
● How to create Professional Twitter Account
● How to manage Twitter
● How to set up Twitter Ads Campaign

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How to Become A Professional Digital Marketer

How to Become A Professional Digital Marketer : The most popular business in the world today is digital marketing, The thought of doing business online is that you have to think about digital marketing first because without digital marketing you are an online business. A study has found that the demand for digital marketing is very high from all sectors of the IT sector, so it can be said that the demand for digital marketing will be much higher, so how do you establish yourself as a successful digital market? What you need to know to become a full fledged digital marketer is discussed in details.

What Is Digital Marketing?
The answer to the question “what is digital marketing?” is just this: any marketing efforts conducted to endorse goods, services and makes via a digital platform. In its essence, it’s any marketing conducted via the web . Digital marketers add advertising agencies or marketing departments and make advertising campaigns either for clients or for the corporate in whose marketing department they’re working.

The job responsibilities of digital marketers are to assist create awareness of and interest within the company’s products or services. this might be done via an internet site or social media channels, mobile devices and even emails. Besides creating marketing campaigns (and their components), digital marketers can also do marketing research and analyze data to determine which marketing efforts are performing well or where they have to form adjustments. they’ll even be involved within the financial end of the marketing spectrum, like establishing marketing budgets and ensuring that they’re complied with and developing pricing strategies for products or services.

How to Become A Professional Digital Marketer : To understand what digital marketing is, it’s also important to understand some common areas of digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)/Paid Search Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital PR (PR)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Sponsored Content
  • Skills Needed to figure in Digital Marketing by Specialty
  • Digital marketers may specialise in one area that they concentrate on , although they’re more likely to carry a spread of skills associated with digital marketing. Niche areas within the digital marketing sphere include content marketing focused on program optimization (SEO), copywriting, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising including online advertising like Google ads, social media marketing, also as email marketing. along side this, you’ll also concentrate on data and analytics.

Content marketing, along side copywriting, may be a a part of digital marketing strategy. While content marketing refers to written content with the intention of converting a visitor to a paying client, copywriting is that the text that’s specifically written to form a purchase . Content marketing includes web articles that are optimized for search engines, while copywriting is that the text included in anything from sites to social media ads with the aim of hooking a client and getting them to shop for something.

Besides written content, digital marketers may specialise in data analytics to ascertain how their digital marketing campaigns do and whether or not they got to make some changes to encourage more conversions.

Common Steps to Become a Digital Marketer
A bachelor’s degree is usually required for marketing positions and should assist you work toward becoming a (digital) marketing manager. These degrees cover aspects, including marketing, marketing research , sales, consumer behavior, communication methods and technology. They also may cover topics concerning visual arts, humanistic discipline and photography.

The road to becoming a marketing manager can also include variety of years’ work experience in marketing or sales related roles like sales representative, PR specialist or buyers and buying agent.

In order to become a digital marketer, you’ll consider taking a bachelor’s course of study and a couple of courses that specialise in specialized skills within the digital marketing sphere.

Step 1. Complete a bachelor degree.
A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communication or journalism may help lay the inspiration that you simply will need in your role as a digital marketer. Although you’ll complete courses in digital marketing specialty areas, a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field allows you a structured program that helps teach you fundamentals of digital marketing or find a specialty.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a bachelor’s degree is required for marketing positions including advertising, promotions, and marketing management positions. For advertising management positions, some employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism.

However, it’s going to be possible to figure in digital marketing with an unrelated degree. The BLS recommends taking courses in:

  • Business law
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Math
  • Statistics
  • Courses in computing , for instance , may help inform strategies to create online traffic through SEO, while courses in business and math can help inform budgets and media spends.

Step 2. Learn important digital marketing skills.
Digital marketing involves quite just compiling words and pictures to get sales. Digital marketers might want to possess a spread of skills so as to permit their clients to form informed decisions and make marketing campaigns with the very best likelihood of converting consumers to customers. regardless of your area of digital marketing, it’s important to continuously learn. Find the commons skills if you would like to be a digital marketer below:

Data Analytical Skills: one among the benefits of being a digital marketer is your access to quick and real-time data. find out how to gather , compile and analyze these helpful data via tracking tools, like Google Analytics, also on better understand your customers and to tweak a digital marketing campaign.

Content Writing: consistent with Neil Patel, a replacement York Times best-selling author website content may be a fundamental a part of digital marketing. By generating valuable content, digital marketers engage with customers, generate leads and sales and grow a company’s visibility through organic web traffic.

Communication Skills: As a digital marketer, effective communication doesn’t only mean a compelling story to public consumers but also means clear and concise plans you would like to elucidate to a broad-based team of staff members and possibly clients. And it’s a must have skill to urge promoted to a marketing manager.

Creativity: Thinking creatively and generating new ideas to draw in consumers also are vital skills to find out for digital marketers.

While you’ll get the knowledge and specific skills from courses or a degree and diplomas, you’ll also gain valuable real-world experience from participating in digital marketing internships, where you’ll have the chance to find out numerous tools which will be wont to create advertising campaigns, track their progress and success and retarget specific target demographics. Being knowledgeable of a minimum of a number of these tools may help increase your value as a digital marketer.

Step 3. Consider certifications, bootcamps and courses.
You might consider attending a digital marketing bootcamp or completing a digital marketing course along your journey to becoming a digital marketer. Bootcamps are generally fast paced and canopy large volumes of data during a relatively short amount of your time . Digital marketing bootcamps usually specialise in specialized skills dedicated to a selected niche, during this case, digital marketing. rather than covering a broad scope, these bootcamps aim at thoroughly covering a selected topic or aspect. they’ll also include practical and hands-on components that provide you the chance to realize real-life experience while you’re learning.

Digital marketing courses also leave specialization with some fundamental coursework thrown in. These courses could also be helpful for entry-level candidates as they thoroughly cover the relevant coursework. However, you’ll also find more advanced and specialized digital marketing courses. Courses in digital marketing may offer you a certificate on completion.

Step 4. Get your first entry-level digital marketing job.
There are variety of roles in digital marketing which will be available to entry-level workers. a crucial a part of applying to a primary job in digital marketing is setting yourself aside from all the opposite potential employees. this might be by gaining unique and valuable skills or completing an internship or bootcamp. you’ll also consider offering your services for free of charge in exchange for testimonials and to create up a proven diary . you’ll then use this as a portfolio for instance your success in running certain digital marketing campaigns.

Be realistic within the role that you simply will step into. you’ll got to start out at rock bottom and work your high by learning new skills and getting experience. Entry-level positions within the digital marketing space may include marketing coordinators, marketing analysts and marketing specialists.

Step 5. Earn a master’s degree in digital marketing.
A master’s degree in digital marketing could also be useful but isn’t necessary to urge into the digital marketing field. they have a tendency to hide similar concepts as traditional marketing master’s degrees like sales and therefore the psychology of selling . Besides that, master’s degrees in digital marketing vary fairly broadly in their focus. Some digital marketing degrees that you simply could consider include:

  • Master of Science (MS) in Digital Marketing and style
  • MS in Digital and Social Marketing
  • MS in Marketing Analytics
  • MS in Digital Marketing Communication
  • MS in Global Digital Marketing
  • MS in Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Holding a master’s degree in digital marketing may set you aside from other candidates in terms of educational knowledge within the field. However, it’s important to remain up so far on the newest technologies and continue learning.

Digital Marketing Job Outlook

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

✅ Recife Facebook Marketing
✅ Instagram Marketing
✅ Pinterest Marketing
✅ Twitter Marketing
✅ LinkedIn Marketing
✅ Premium Marketing Tools
✅ Audience Research Tools (free & Paid)
✅ Influencer Marketing
✅ chatbot
✅ Facebook funnel
✅ Facebook blueprint
✅ Social Media Branding
✅ Conversion API for Tracking

Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

✅ Recife Google Marketing
✅ YouTube Marketing
✅ Bing Marketing
✅ Email Marketing
✅ Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Sales & Lead Development Part :

✅ Lead Generation
✅ Web Research
✅ Marketing Strategy
✅ Business Development
✅ Action Plan
✅ Customers Relation

Others :

✅ Search Engine Optimization
✅ WordPress Theme Customization
✅ Advanced Shopify Store Design
✅ Advanced Shopify Marketing (Facebook + Instagram + google )

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