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Best Freelancing Training Institute In Uttara , Are You looking Best Freelancing & Outsourcing Training Institute? We Are Top In Uttara, Because “WEBCODER-IT & WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE” as all the Mentors here are highly Qualified & educated ,professional having over 5 – 10 years+ experience in several freelancing platforms. The Mentors are highly Expected about the success of their students. & We Provide Best Teaching & Support From Others freelancing institute & The Our Mentors work here day and night for the scholars to offer them the support they have once they face any kind of problems.

The beginning was very difficult! This institute started its journey within the year of 2019 and is Speedly Improving success day by day. the Freelancers are so satisfied learning from here. The owners directly take care our students. they are enjoys spending time with the Freelancers. Even the Freelancers also like him such a lot for his kind heart .Students of various ages come here to find out freelancing and become successful in their career. there’s no got to be a computer guru because the teachers here teach the scholars by holding their hands.

The owner (Monir Ahammad & MD Shagar Sheikh ) takes care of it so seriously if the scholars are becoming enough support or not. He talks to the Freelancers individually and discusses the issues and provides the answer thereto .

This institute offers 100% real education guarantee & not income gurarantee, we are diffrant here from others institute. our target best teaching and guideline untill success our students, and students also need to maintain our rules and guideline, the Freelancers here start earning after doing a 20+ of classes.but mojerity freelancers start earn generally after course, reason we fucus on the learning, that’s why when their course finish then they start work freely, the Freelancers can stay here as long as they need and continue learning

The teachers also stick with the scholars to offer them the right guide once they are in need of it. There are several teachers for various sorts of courses. those that are old get longer from the teachers and are treated well.

Best Freelancing Training Institute In Uttara : Online Facilities

It’s not necessary for the Freelancers to return to the institute for learning as they supply online support. you’ll get regular class three days in week and Three days support Class online and offline. The environment is so friendly that the scholars get attracted too . we have accomodation process out of dhaka students. so it’s really big opporutunity for all offline students.

Students Facilities

The classrooms aren’t very big in size and may accommodate up to twenty students. the scholars also are so friendly with one another .our offline students get types of advantage : our class room is full air-condition and lighting with well decorate, and when student face any problem here they assist one another with their difficulties. Once a student is admitted here they will get the support for lifetime from the teachers.

This institute not only teaches freelancing but also teaches the way the way to interact with people everywhere the planet . No other institute works this difficult because it does. So, there’s little question that “WEBCODER-IT & WEBCODER-IT INSITUTE” is that the best freelancing center in Uttara, Dhaka.

You know, Best Freelancing Training Institute In Uttara is “WEBCODER-IT & WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE” and this is often one among the highest Freelancing Training Institute, and dealing hard to spread the word about the longer term potential and positivity of freelancing / outsourcing .WEBCODER-IT & WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE has been working with great confidence to form freelancing a competitive field within the global market to form freelancing and outsourcing the career of the longer term of Bangladesh.

Due to the gradual increase in unemployment, an outsized number of educated youth are getting unemployed. Traveling here and there trying to find employment , negativity and frustration surround them, during this situation ONE WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE comes as a torch of sunshine to illuminate everyone’s dark life .

we have expert support team members who are support our students when they are facing any problem, it is best opportunity for new students, and hour support sytem 24/7 our.

Best freelancing training center in Uttara.

Freelancing and outsourcing are general terms within the online profession, which are used very frequently. Freelancing is functioning on your own without being a part of any organization or business. Outsourcing usually takes place as a contract between two companies. a corporation acts as a service provider for the client. our students get more facilites after complete the course : freelnacing, job opporunity and online business

A freelancer works independently but features a few obligations as he has got to work consistent with the client’s needs and may make negligible amends within the business plan. An outsourcing staff can manage and formulate strategies consistent with the requirements of the task. Freelancing involves flexible working hours with just the requirement to finish the tasks on time. On the opposite hand, outsourcing contractors need to add their office hours and maintain constant communication with superiors.

If you’re really interested to find out freelancing and need to become successful freelancer then you’re most welcome to at least one WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE. We are very dedicated expert freelancer, working to assist our students. Keep confidence on One Direction IT Institute because we must assist you in order that you want to get freelancing work within 1 Week. So stop wasting some time aimlessly and are available to at least one WEBCODER-IT INSTITUTE to find out what you would like to achieve success during this freelancing and outsourcing word.

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Freelancing Courses We are offering

  • Advanced Digital Marketing & Shopify Dropshipping
  • Web Design & Development
  • Spoken English With Clients Communication

Advanced Digital Marketing & Shopify Drop shipping Course Syllabus :

Advanced Facebook Marketing
✅ Instagram Marketing
✅ Pinterest Marketing
✅ Twitter Marketing
✅ LinkedIn Marketing
✅ Social Media Marketing Tools ( Updated )
✅ Facebook Funnel ( Updated with PDF file )

✅ Facebook Conversion API

✅ Advanced Google Marketing
✅ YouTube Marketing

✅ Bing Marketing

✅ Search Engine Marketing Strategy ( Updated with PDF file )
✅ Email Marketing
✅ Lead Generation Web Research

✅ Search Engine optimization
✅ Qoura Marketing ( Updated )Content Writing

✅ WordPress Customization WooCommerce ( Updated )

Shopify Store Design
Shopify Drop shipping Shopify Marketing By Apps ( Updated )

Fiverr & Upwork
Live Buyer Communication Complete Marketplace Solution

  • Class Duration :
  • Course Time : 3/4 Month
  • Total Class : 44
  • Support : Life Time ( Terms Applicable )
  • Fee : 7500
  • Record : video upload in secret group
  • Class : Google Meet
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